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Escalator, Munich


The fine art of surfacing...
This is one of about 500 photographs I took on a recent trip to Germany. No doubt many more will surface on this site in coming weeks. Many are to do with my interest in architectural photography; others, like this, were taken just because I thought something looked interesting. There is something here to do with the hard geometric lines of the architecture and engineering, and the soft shapes of the old man and his clothing.

I was encouraged this week by looking at a book of Walker Evans’ photographs; his interest in the bits and pieces of stuff that surround us in our everyday lives – street signs, shops fronts, doorways and the rest; a subject brought more concretely into our way of seeing when William Eggleston chose similar subjects from the 1960s onwards, but, by then, in colour. These kinds of subjects and what happens when they are loaded-up into a camera are, for me, an area of endless fascination.

Stephen Riley – Architectural and Commercial Photography, Bath and Somerset