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A Rover, Bruton, May 2016

One for the Car Buffs: at the Bruton Packhorse Fair

Out and about with my camera in Somerset
Another photograph from the Packhorse Fair in Bruton the other week (May 2016). Or rather, seen near the Packhorse Fair – not necessarily anything to do with it.

Like most blokes, I can’t resist an old car. This is an old Rover 95, from the early 1960s, at a guess. It looked like it was at the beginning of its journey of restoration, rather than at the end of it. Someone has a lot of work on their hands. Good to see it running, though.

I’ve masked the number plate – never quite sure what to do about that. Apparently it IS legal to photograph and reproduce number plates, since they are on public display and anything public can be re-shown to the public, but still, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone, so there it is filtered out.

Stephen Riley – Photographer, Somerset