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Since I can't use the image from the commission, here's a completely unrelated and gratuitous photo of yours truly, with camera. Stephen Riley, Photographer, Somerset

Busy this week photographing in Wells, Somerset

Building things up…
I am very pleased to report that I have just completed a photoshoot here in Somerset for a national magazine that specialises in home improvements and renovations. I can’t show the photograph here because it is the property of the magazine that commissioned it. So here’s a random pic of your friendly photographer for your entertainment.

The commissioning editor was specifically seeking a photographer who had an appreciation of architecture, as well as photographic gear of sufficient quality to produce a large image with a great number of pixels, as befits a glossy journal.

The finished photograph is to accompany an article on a mid-twentieth-century house, which is on the outskirts of the famous cathedral city of Wells and is undergoing substantial renovation. The upgrade will include an additional floor and will significantly change the appearance of the structure. The modifications are, however, in sympathy with local vernacular architecture.

I will publish more details and, if possible, a link, once the magazine has completed its own publication process.