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Northern Soul from the vaults in Frome, Somerset. Photographer: Stephen Riley

Northern Soul at Frome FM

My other job…
As well as having a love of art and photography, as someone with a passion for the creative arts in all their manifestations, I also have a great interest in music. Within this, one lifelong passion is Northern Soul, and I am pleased to report that I will now be presenting a regular Northern Soul show on Frome FM.

My first show goes out on Saturday 30 January 2016 at 1pm. The next will be at the same time on 27 February. The schedule will change in future: broadcast times may be different and shows may be more frequent. Also, I will be working with Dave Howard on his ‘Papa D’s 70s Discotheque’ show, helping turn some of those into Northern Soul specials. Watch out for announcements.

Get involved: email me on – I am keen to hear from anyone who wants a request or dedication, though a dedication is probably easier because there are so many records and I might not have your fave – or I might have already played it.

I am also keen to hear about any upcoming Northern Soul events in Somerset (or nearby), so I can give them a plug. Frome FM is a community radio station, so we are here to serve the local community.

Frome FM is on 96.6FM in the local area. It is also available online anywhere in the known universe and can be accessed by via the Frome FM website and hitting the ‘Listen Now’ button at the top of the page.

My shows, like everything the station produces, will be available as playback: click on Programmes, then Music Shows, then scroll down to Northern Soul (also, you might like to give Papa D’s 70s Discotheque a spin).