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Winter sunshine and shadows on a footpath in Frome. November 2015.

Somerset Photograph of the Day

A less obvious one

I had a day out in Frome today, mostly due to attending the Advent Fair at the Steiner Academy, but I couldn’t resist a trip into town with my camera. There are, of course, many landmarks in Frome that everyone knows well and that I have photographed many times, so, for a change, I am posting a shot that could be anywhere. It could not be at any time, however. This is one of those photographs that relies especially on the particular quality of light on the day for its characteristics. It was a cold November day – the coldest, so far, this winter – with biting northerly winds. The sun, however, was very bright, and with it being late in the year, also very low in the sky; hence the sharp, raking shadows, stretched out across the footpath.