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Cobbled street, Somerset. Photographer: Stephen Riley

Being a Photographer in Somerset

Endless opportunities to photograph the old, the new and the characterful...

I plucked this from my recent photographs; it is one from many I could have chosen. I enjoy the atmosphere it creates, particularly because of the sheen on those wet, Coronation-Street cobbles and the partial portrait of the shopper, just cut off at the top of the shot. I also like the way it is skewed; no doubt a trait from my fine art training, which teaches the value of imperfection. I enjoy the strange anomaly, too, that whilst everything else slopes, the shopper is more or less vertical.

It is a street scene in Somerset. I won’t say which town. I have photographed in many and I think this is instantly recognisable. But maybe, if anyone actually reads these things, they would like to take a guess and email me? A free A4 print of this to the first person to correctly identify the place: street and town.

UPDATE: the place in the photograph has been correctly identified, by Michelle Cawley of Bruton, as Stony Street, Frome. A copy of the print will be winging its way to Michelle, shortly. So, no more submissions, thank you, but thanks for your interest to everyone who took a look and took a shot at it.