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Product Photography. Background edited to create pure white space. Stephen Riley: Photographer Somerset.

Photography: Editing, Retouching, Correcting

Adding the finishing touches
As well as offering a complete photographic service, from composing to shooting to producing the finished photo as a print or digital file, I also offer editing and retouching.

Many people now market items on the internet and have basic photographs that need improving before making public. A common need is to have the background removed, so that the item hovers seductively in pure white space. I can do this for you, adapting and improving your photograph.

You might have old family photos that need cracks or other elements editing out. I can do that too.

You might have model's or actor's facial shots from which blemishes need to be removed. Yep, I can do that too.

In fact, I can do most photographic editing tasks. And not only that; if you need a write-up about the contents of your photos, I am an experienced copywriter, too, and can create great sales or descriptive copy to go alongside your freshly edited picture.