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Write on Time: Copywriter and Photographer: Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire

Busy copywriting

Write on? Right on!
It’s interesting, the way things develop. I’ve been plugging my services as a copywriter and photographer here in Somerset since arriving a few weeks ago. However, it is work that has come in from further afield that has kept me most busy. I have recently completed a copywriting contract for a marketing firm in Essex and am now working on a large body of text for a company in Sydney, Australia.

Well, Norman Tebbit did famously advise that, if seeking work, you should be prepared to get on your bike and go and find it. I doubt he meant as far as Australia, but then, he was speaking in a time before the internet. Now that information can be pinged about at the speed of light, online, it makes precious little difference – with this kind of work, at least – if the commissioning firm is 10,000 miles away or in the next street.

Still, it would be nice to be doing a bit more photography and to be getting more involved with local people and companies. So, come on Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset: your friendly photographer/copywriter awaits your call.