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Glastonbury Tor, Somerset. Photographer: Stephen Riley

Glastonbury Tor, Somerset

Viewed from between Shepton Mallet and West Compton
I decided to brave the elements today and see what kind of photographs I could get in nearby parts of Somerset.

It was raining quite heavily. That can be pretty unhelpful to a photographer, but not entirely so. It is a truism that one needs a bright, sunny day to get the best shots. Whereas it is fair to say that bright sunlight can reveal lots of detail, it also comes with its own potential problems of overly sharp shadows and excessive contrast. So, sometimes, subdued light can be welcome, for its even, filtered qualities. It can also change a familiar scene quite radically.

From the little time I have spent here, it seems that any Somerset photographer must have shots of Glastonbury Tor in his/her folio, and one can see why: it makes a dramatic interjection into the landscape more or less whichever way you look at it. So this is one of my efforts from the day. The weather did indeed play a part: on the plus side, it gifted that moody sky; on the minus side, there is nothing positive about getting a camera saturated.

So, this is a start, and no doubt the first of many such shots. I plan to photograph the Tor from new angles and in other conditions, and to photograph other Somerset subject matter, too.