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What are words worth?? Copywriting in Somerset, Wiltshire, Bristol and Dorset.

Need a Copywriter in Somerset (or Dorset, Wiltshire or Bristol)?

Writing for the South West...
For the last few weeks, I have been publicising in these pages the fact that I have moved to Somerset and am actively marketing my photography services in the region. I should stress, however, that I am also a Copywriter.

Often, the tasks go hand-in-hand: a client needs images with supporting text for blogs, news items, technical data sheets, press releases, publicity material and more. I can do both: create the image, and research and write-up the supporting material. Sometimes, however, a client needs copywriting as a separate service, to be used without visuals - for annual reports, for example - or in conjunction with existing images. I can do that too.

I first picked up a camera in earnest in the 1980s; my writing began at the same time, in the form of essays on the arts and culture. I have had items published in Dorset Life, The Guardian, Artists’ Newsletter (AN Magazine) and on many websites. I now write on everything from engineering to social issues.

No two projects are the same, so please give me a call on 0794 175 9877 (or mail on, for an informal chat.

Being based in Somerset, I tend to offer my services in the South West of the UK, but through the miracle of the Internet, it is possible to produce copy for anywhere in the world, depending on specifics.