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Property / Real Estate Photography, Somerset and Wiltshire

Property / Real Estate Photographer Somerset and Wiltshire

Professional images make a difference
For most of us our home is the most valuable thing we will ever own. When it comes to selling and moving on, it is important that it is shown in the best possible way, to ensure that its real value is appreciated and that it is not undersold.

I offer property / real estate photography which is informed by a keen interest in architecture and the pride and pleasure we take in it.

Interiors in particular are tricky things to photograph and it takes a good deal of skill to get the right spread of light and to really express the character of a room. Taking a small compact camera into a space and blasting off with one narrow directional flash will seldom cut it.

Strangely, it is often the case that the photography that sells us a food mixer or a chocolate bar is likely to be more accomplished than that which offers a half-million pound house for sale.

I bring experience, good quality photographic equipment and an exceptional level of care to your home, to produce the optimum result. Please give the images in this site a look-over and contact me if I can help with your property photography or if you have any other queries.