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This is the latest of a few news items I will be placing on here to publicise my photography in Somerset (and around). Today's blog concerns property or architectural photography.

Most photographers can get a decent shot of the exterior of a building in well-distributed light on a good day, but there are various issues that can make the task of photographing property more tricky than it might at first appear.

For one thing, there is the need to get a good balance of light around the building, in places where the sun shines and those where it does not; but maybe you want to leave areas of deep shadow as they are, to create atmosphere and drama? It depends on the kind of effect you are looking for, on what purpose the photograph will ultimately serve. There is also the matter of orthogonal correction: should it be used or are the effects of lens curve and/or steep perspective desirable? And what about the building’s interior? Nature can provide abundant light outside, but interiors are a far more complicated matter. Decision-making around these and other considerations is all part of a property photographer’s task.

My Masters Degree is in Art and Architecture, and contemplating and creating images of buildings of countless kinds has been a core interest for years. Please check out some of the pages on this site to see what I can do. If you need property/architectural photographer, I’m your man. Call 0794 175 9877 or email

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