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Photography / Photographer in Bruton, Somerset and Wiltshire

Photographic services and copywriting for the South West
Hello to new visitors to this site. I am a photographer and writer in the process of relocating to Bruton in Somerset.

Currently dividing my time between Manchester and Bruton, I will still be working on Manchester-based contracts whilst developing new ones in Somerset, Wiltshire and the area known for a while as 'Avon' - essentially, Greater Bristol and Bath.

As a qualified photographer with an academic background, I have developed a role as an overall Content Creator for commercial clients: I am able to produce photographs to a professional standard as well as providing accompanying text, which is lucid and jargon-free. Clients find this a useful service in these days when so much communication takes place on the internet in the form of words and images.

I also divide these roles, and for some clients I am purely a photographer, whilst for others I just write. The writing includes reviews, promotional material, creative writing and blogs designed to keep products and services in Google’s sights – in short, whatever you need to promote your company. My photography includes products, architecture, property, real estate, interiors, tourism, events and more.

Please get in touch if I can help with either of these services. Telephone 0794 175 9877. Email