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Anonymous poster art/graffiti, London. Photograph: Stephen Riley Photography, Tameside, Manchester

Street Photography published in Soanyway journal

Frank visual commentary from towns and cities
Some of my photographs have been published in Soanyway magazine and I have added a link on this site’s specific ‘Links’ page. For ease of access, I have also placed it here:

Much of the photography I feature on this site is commercial. There is, however, another aspect to what do: photography which is not primarily intended to have commercial appeal and is more concerned with recording the street, baldly, as anonymous communication and possibly even as conceptual art. This part of my work is concerned with the environment in which we live; in particular, the ways the streets of towns and cities become places that give off messages – wittingly and otherwise – which communicate values, aspirations, frustrations and other aspects of the ways we live now. It is a set of photographs of this kind that Soanyway has published.

Soanyway is an online journal run by arts academics at Huddersfield University, and features visual arts projects of various sorts.