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Waterfront, Ghent, Belgium. Photograph by Stephen Riley

Night Time Architectural Photography

Beautifully lit buildings and their reflections in Belgium
Printing off a pile of photographs for various purposes, I came across this, taken not too long ago on a trip to Ghent in Belgium, and I thought it a useful one to pop onto the site to please the eyeballs of anyone who cares to look.

It depicts the main canal waterfront in this gorgeous, medieval Flemish city and was taken from the road bridge that passes over the canal and provides a useful vantage point for a photographer. It was shot at focal length 41mm, ISO400, f5 and 0.4 second. Naturally, at that speed, the camera needed a steady support, and at that distance, flash was not a consideration. Aside from the odd moving figure, which I think adds character to the shot anyway, the result is a pin-sharp photograph, though that may not be apparent on this 700-pixel-sized image (which is the norm for this website).

The town’s pride in its architecture is apparent in the thoughtful uplighting of the historic canalside buildings, which reflect perfectly in the mirror-like stillness of the water.