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Whitworth Street, Manchester

Architectural Photography Manchester

A touch of graphic design applied to a photo of city centre architecture

Took this shot recently on Whitworth Street - a main thoroughfare through town, made less busy since the Mancunian Way was built. Enjoyed the rhythm of the repeated vertical and horizontal blocks, compressed in the lens.

Speaking of things rhythmic, this is a few doors down from where the legendary Hacienda once stood, hence the use of black and yellow; colours used in the club to reflect its relationship with Factory Records and, in turn, with that striped safety tape one sees everywhere in which some kind of potential hazard seems to exist.

For all the great things about Manchester, it does not have a good record in preserving its famous night clubs. As well as the Hacienda, the even more famous Twisted Wheel was recently demolished to make way for yet another hotel; and the Pendulum – like the Wheel, another celebrated Northern Soul venue – lies beneath the turf next to Long Millgate, behind the Urbis Building (now the National Football Museum).