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Manchester - Oxford Street - in the Rain.

Photograph: Manchester in the Rain

Beauty in the everyday....

It’s a cliché that it always rains in Manchester. The city gets its share, but it is by no means the rainiest place in the land. For that, look at the west coast – Wales, Cornwall, The West of Scotland, The Lake District etc. – which get far more. But rain it does, and when it does it transforms the feeling of the place. For most, the downpour is just an irritation, something to be dodged and jogged through to get to the next hiding place, but it also capable of creating great, if transient, beauty.

This is Oxford Street, right in the city centre, and in the dimmed light of the overcast sky the yellow sodium streetlight, reflected up off the mirrored pavement, stands out against the gloom, and circles spreading out from the raindrops, normally ephemeral to the point of invisible, become frozen forever in the lens as abstract forms.