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Hong Kong/Kowloon nightlife

More city street night-time photography

The ever buzzing nightlife of Asia's cities
Another Hong Kong night shot. It’s just too hard to resist. Visual stimulation everywhere. Sensory overload. Tall buildings, then taller buildings, then towering buildings as, decade on decade, demand for space has been met with ever greater architectural daring and technological skill. Much use of red and yellow: warm colours to draw you in. Everything wants your attention. Buy, eat, sleep, watch, ride, like, love. Perfect complexions, flawless, symmetrical smiles, gleaming glass and perspex, street stalls, smells - fresh food, rotting food - voices, steam, litter, T-shirts, handbags, logos, honking traffic, endless neon lights, and millions and millions of people. Picking out odd bits and focusing for a moment brings some relief. Is it kitsch? That’s a dead and European subject, which probably had no meaning here in the first place.