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Hong Kong at Night

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Hong Kong/Kowloon - Stephen Riley
Wandering city streets at night, if you can deal with the eccentricities of the light and get the shots you want, can be a very rewarding experience for a photographer, especially in a place like Hong Kong, where nothing escapes traces of human activity.

The place where the putatively/once communist Chinese mainland meets the capitalist West, it gives a sense of frenetic, restless energy; everyone trying to make it big or just scratch some kind of living from its cluttered, overcrowded streets.

Scuzz rubs shoulders with sophistication (and/or the mystifications that produce its semblances). Every surface is a place for communication; for an appeal to your imagination and pocket. As you would expect, you can buy everything from a disposable lighter to a Rolls Royce to sex.

Stephen Riley: Artist, Photographer, Writer - Manchester, England