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Corks - Wine Bar. Photograph by Stephen Riley

Corks in the city of Wells

Product photography...
Just a bit of fun, but an example of a useful means of creating a product or contextualising photograph for a brochure or website.

Saw these corks used as decor, trapped in the space behind the window in a wine bar in Wells, Somerset. Light was low and, being off duty, I was using just my second string (but still pretty good!) camera. There was a short depth of field, due to the low light requiring a wide aperture and there being no tripod available. Flash would not have worked, as it would have been reflected by the glass. This was overcome by shooting flat on to the subject, so it remained one plane, accepting, of course, that the centre of the shot remains slightly closer to the lens than the edges.

The potential negative aspects have been turned into positive ones, as the results and editing process have created an atmospheric, grainy, characterful effect with a sense of age and authenticity.

This is particularly useful here, as the product in question is wine expressed through some of its ancillary products, and these are things associated both with an ageing process in the manufacturing and an ancient cultural history, so the treatment meets the meaning.