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Northwich, Cheshire. Photo by Stephen Riley

April 2013: various items of unfolding news...

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Just saw some of the shots from the Eastleigh by-election by my friend, street photographer, Paul Russell. Great stuff! Thought the one of Michael Fabricant was particularly engaging! Available as book in a PDF download. See Paul's website.

Paul also put me onto the work of an up and coming student photographer, Christopher Bethell: - worth checking out.

Done some great new architectural shots recently, of my environs in general and specifically a fabulous new building in Cheshire - soon to be posted on this site.

Speaking of portraits – saw, recently, a documentary on Saul Leiter. His work is not all portraiture, but he often appropriates people into his street-scene compositions. Leiter lives in New York and has for most of his long life, and he is reputed to take most of his shots within a few blocks of his home. Leiter was also one of the pioneers of colour photography, back when only black and white was considered an appropriate form for the serious photographer. Like Eggleston in this regard, Leiter is something of a mould-breaker. Love his stuff (and Eggleston’s).