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Photography news from my studio in Bruton and out on site in Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset

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The is-ness of things...

Bruton doing a Lowry

Villas in the mist

Flying the Flag

Into the wind

Merry Christmas

Yuletide greetings

Brooding darkness

Dark art and architecture…

Layer Cake

Ships and strips...

Pic of the week

Architectural Photography with a twist

Pic of the week

Amazing engineering and architecture

Street Life

Sign of the times, or maybe of some other times

Dock of the Bay

Looking west at sunset


An English churchyard

Back to work – Commercial Photography

Getting the wheels moving again

Pic of the week

Lobster Pots, Dorset (click image to enlarge)

Lockdown Pics

Spring in Somerset

Windy England

Dramatic landscape

Pic of the week

Deserted Somerset

Visual Culture

Just Seeing


Sign o' the times…

Wild Britain

Disruptive weather in the UK

Architectural Photography

Lived-in sculpture

Valentine’s Day

Beauty in the eye of the beholder…

Palladian splendour

Elegant classical architecture with a bit of modern electric light

Vernacular Architecture

Quietly spoken creativity


New photos and information

Product Photography Tips

Making things visible...


One day my prints will come…

Prints for Sale

Photographic wall art…


The Menin Gate

Trefignath Burial Chamber

Digging the scene…

Tips for photographing large objects

Ideas for commercial photographers…

Stupendous Staircase

Climbing to the top…

Interior Photography

Getting the balance right

Somerset Art Weeks

Photography meets Fine Art...

An Example from a Recent Photoshoot

Commercial Photography in Frome

Pic of the Week: Frome

Photographing less famous features

Somerset Photographer on Home Turf

Ethereal Cathedral precincts…

Pic of the week - Hong Kong

Commercial and Architectural Photographer, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and International!

Elegant Town Houses

More architectural photography…

Architectural Photography

Capturing structures...

Hong Kong

City of contrasts…

Interior Architectural Photography

Making the most of interiors…

Pic of the week

Taking to the street…

Spectacle in black and white

Fabulous engineering...

Pic of the week

Latest from my photography studio…

Pic of the week – interior photography

Making the most of spaces…

Architectural Photography

Capturing the essence of buildings…

What’s been happening…

Architectural Photography

Pic of the week – Product Photography

Commercial Photography in Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset…

A walk in Wells

History etched into the architecture

Photo of the week

Walking to who knows where...

Magical Europe

On tour…

Recent work: Product Photography - Furniture

Working in Wiltshire this week...

Pic of the week – Architectural Photography

Photography, for property, real estate, advertising and more…

Industrial and Commercial Photography

Images for commerce and industry in the South West

Commercial Photography – Pubs, Restaurants & Hotels

Leisure Industry Photography, Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire

Pic of the week

Jolly boating weather

Photograph of the Week

Figure atop a gravestone..

Pic of the week

American Muscle Car

Went to see The Stones, man!

The ancient stone rings of Avebury in Wiltshire

Recent work: Product Photography – Furniture

Commercial Photography, Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset

Hey, guess who’s in The Dove magazine!

Stephen Riley Photography featured in the local parish magazine

Pic of the week

Flight of fancy

A November Picture

sometimes words aren't really necessary

Pic of the week

Definitely not Somerset this time…

Pic of the week

Vernacular architecture in coastal England

Pic of the week – flower power

The hyperreal Somerset countryside

A bit of a departure

Celebrating 100 years of Stonehenge in public ownership

Pic of the week

Ah, the romance…

Pic of the week

An adorable door

Photograph of the week

Have camera will travel

Pic of the week

The Beautiful South

A Photographer Frollicking in Frome

Pic of the week - sunny Somerset

Not Expensive Enough?!

Paying too much for your architectural photography? Read on…

Photographing Architecture

Keeping things straight...

Pic of the week – the thin house

Architecture and Photography

Pic of the Week: Sunflower

Capturing the light in Somerset

Need a Photographer in Somerset, Dorset or Wiltshire?

Based in Somerset covering three counties...

My photographs now available on Redbubble

Cards, prints, stickers, T Shirts and more...

Pic of the week – crossing the border

Somerset AND Dorset AND Wiltshire

A cool day in Wells, Somerset

Latest from my photo studio

King Alfred’s Tower

A vantage point over Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire

Latest from my photography website

Off the road, on the road

Shot of the week

Atmospheric architectural photography

Pic of the week – coastal Somerset

Beach, pier and a concrete wave

Latest from my Photography Website

A picture speaks a thousand words

Hey Look, We’re in the Papers

Photos in the Western Gazette

Bruton in the Snow

Home turf obliterated by the white stuff

It’s the Sizzle that Sells the Sausage

Food and product photography in and around Somerset

Pic of the Week

The beauty of the Bristol Channel

Need a Commercial Photographer in Bridgwater?

Hinkley C making Somerset a busy place...

Calamity in the waters of Coastal Britain

A Somerset photographer on tour

Historic Architecture

A Somerset Photographer out and about…

What’s on the menu this week

Commercial Photography Somerset

Coastal Britain in the Winter

Moody, romantic seascape

Need a Product Photographer in Yeovil, Sherborne, Shaftesbury or Wincanton?

Commercial Photography in and around Blackmore Vale

Merry Christmas from your Somerset Photographer

Selfie-free zone: photographs of people, places and things in the beautiful South-West.


The Somerset Coast

Les Fleurs du Mal

Flowers as metaphors

Architectural Photography

English Medieval Architecture

A Photograph for November

Tyne Cot Cemetery, Belgium


…in a Somerset churchyard

A Photographer in Frome, Somerset

Frome wasn’t built in a day

The Beautiful South

On how things are...

Pic of the week

Coastal Dorset

Fishermen, Dorset

Photographing local life in Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire.

Commercial Photography

Beautiful old restaurant in Ghent

Product Photography

Shimmering beads of light

Pic of the Week

Ruined castle in Somerset

Funky Frome

Street scene in Bath St.

Check out my lovely new business cards!

Sometimes the old media are useful too

Space Capsule

Taking Flight in Florida

Ropes on a Dorset Quay

Work amongst the tourists

On That Cladding

There are many sorts of cladding systems

Creature Close-Up

Wild – well, a bit – in the country

Surfing the River

A Somerset Photographer out in the big wide world

Frame House Architecture

A Somerset photographer out and about

Architectural Photography in Somerset: Cranmore Tower

A hidden gem in the heart of Somerset

Photographing Somerset: Bruton Spiral of Light

A dark March sky alight with torches and fireworks

Pic of the week

Night time, the right time…

Fearful Symmetry?

Apocalyptic architecture

If your burger moos, it’s undercooked!

A bit of fun travel photography

Need Property Photography? Then you’ll need one of these.

Wide-angle lens, for architectural, property and interior photography

Have camera will travel

Property / Architectural Photography in Wiltshire

We Go International!

Not just photography and not just Somerset

Fabulous Georgian Buildings in Bath

Architectural and Property Photography in and around Somerset


Have your photographs scanned and made into a montage

Autumn Reds

Last of the day’s light

Merry Christmas

Season's good cheer...

Coastal Somerset

B&Bs in the mist

Write or Wrong?

On fake reviews...

Fear of Photography

Look out - he's got a camera!

A Moment Frozen in Time

Water frozen, but not ice…


The fine art of surfacing...

Munich July 2016

A friendly city

Photographer on the Road

Things you see….


A photographer’s travels

Love Will Tear Us Apart…

Light piercing the dark…

European Eagle Owl at the Packhorse Fair

Photographer out and about in Somerset

One for the Car Buffs: at the Bruton Packhorse Fair

Out and about with my camera in Somerset

My other photography

in defiance of good taste

Need a photographer in Somerset who does more than just weddings?

Product photography where and when you need it

Photographing Frome DJ, Papa D

Photography in the studio

Northern Soul on Frome FM

My other job again….

Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset

Burnham’s quaint old lighthouse

Photo of the Week

Every picture tells a story... or part thereof

Photo of the Week

Light and architecture

Merry Christmas!!

White? Not quite

DJ-ing at Frome FM!

I do more than just take photographs!


In happier times…

Being a Photographer in Somerset

Endless opportunities to photograph the old, the new and the characterful...

A Photographer Frolicking in Frome

Taking to Somerset’s streets with my camera

Art, Architecture and Photography

Coming together of art forms…

Stourhead Autumn 2015

That gorgeous gilded foliage

Night Photography

A change of mood

Café Hell?!

Just how bad is the food in there?!

Busy copywriting

Write on? Right on!

A Fun Photograph in Wells

A dog's life doesn't seem so bad...

Your friendly photographer visits Frome FM

For once, sound is the medium, not vision…

Architectural details, Wells

Close-up and personal

A Photographer in Frome

When in Frome…

One for the car buffs out there

Focusing on an old Ford

Packhorse Fair, Bruton

A moment from the Fair

Glastonbury Tor, Somerset

Viewed from between Shepton Mallet and West Compton

King Alfred’s Tower, Somerset

A walk and photography on the Somerset / Wiltshire border

Wells Cathedral, Somerset – architectural photography

Gothic glory in England's South West…

Night Photography

What is in the dark comes to light

Architectural Photography in the South West – News

Enjoying the thrilling Gothic architecture of the South West

Open for Business: Photography in Somerset and Wiltshire

Photography in the South West of England

I have now relocated to Bruton: Photographer and Copywriter in Somerset and Wiltshire

Photographic and Copywriting Services now fully available in Wiltshire and Somerset

Architectural / Property Photographer Somerset and Wiltshire

For photographs of your property that do it justice

Shower, YMCA, New York, 2000

The cold comfort of strange places


Looked at in a different way...

It’s Saint George’s Day

Flags of St George fluttering in the breeze

My Photos now in Manchester Weekly News

In demand in Manchester media!

Architectural Photography in Somerset

Historic stone architecture in Castle Cary

Night Photography / Architectural Photography

Hampshire: Winchester after dark

Photography in Tameside (and around)

A walk in the hills in the snow

The Bruton Spiral of Light, Somerset

Warm light on a frosty evening

More Photographs of Tameside Canals

The beauty just off the beaten track…

Marsh Christian Trust uses my photographs

Prestigious award for Chris Leah

Street Photography published in Soanyway journal

Frank visual commentary from towns and cities

A Review of the Film 'Northern Soul'

Was that much loved northern music scene fairly depicted??

A trip to Haworth, Yorkshire

Photography and words on the home of the Bronte family

Night Time Architectural Photography

Beautifully lit buildings and their reflections in Belgium

Candid 'Street' Photography? (well, 'lake')

Travel photography - a Manchester photographer on tour in Europe

Architectural Photography Manchester

A touch of graphic design applied to a photo of city centre architecture

Recent Product Photography

Photographs for commerce and industry

So show me the back streets…

What you find just around the corner…


speaks for itself

Tramlines, Manchester

A silent spell in a busy place

Glastonbury 2014

Found object....

Mancunium Wobblium

Manchester's Castlefield Canal Basin

Photograph: Manchester in the Rain

Beauty in the everyday....

Architectural and Travel Photography

a neo-classical tour de force

Wells Cathedral
Stephen Riley Architectural Photography Tameside, Manchester

Black and white shot of this English Gothic masterpiece

Street Scene Stalybridge

Elaborate fence creates a kind of sentinel for the street

Stephen Riley Photography in 'Architecture Today' magazine

Image used in esteemed architectural journal

More city street night-time photography

The ever buzzing nightlife of Asia's cities

Hong Kong at Night

Another city that never sleeps…

The shower and collective memory

What is it about showers?

Photography highlights the weird in the ordinary

Domestic bliss: strange things lurking in the English shires....

Photography in Tameside

The industrial heritage of what was South Lancashire and North Cheshire, now the eastern periphery of Greater Manchester

Corks in the city of Wells

Product photography...

Fire in Australia's Blue Mountains

In the news at the moment, but fires are not a new feature of this arid landscape

Architectural Photography, Manchester: apartment block

Beautifully revamped social housing tower block

Recent Shots – Apartment Interior

Making the most of space

Manchester, Piccadilly: Night Shot

The city transformed by night

Wentworth and Eggleston

Photographic and creative influences...

Manchester photographed on a compact camera

So show me the back streets....

Manchester is the best city to live in!

Turn again Dick Whittington - you got it wrong last time!

Devotional Padlocks, Liverpool

Messages of love left on the edge of the Mersey


The origins of the term 'Spam' to describe the over-use of keyword in website copy

Summer 2013: Poster for the Wooden Canal Boat Society

Graphics and Photography by Stephen Riley

Super short depth of field - dramatic use of space

Digital effects: foreshortening. Real and unreal photographic space.

Flag of St George

Flag Day - getting the bunting out

July 2013: Thinking Aloud: a lifelong love of architecture and photography

Photography of the civic, industrial and vernacular buildings of the North West

July 2013: Rustic Rope shot

Close-up of Canal Boat ropes

June 2013: Wade Deacon School, Widnes, Cheshire

Architectural Photography. Striking contemporary architecture, featuring buff bricks and multi-coloured aluminum architectural components.

June 2013: Product Photography

Photography for industry

June 2013: assorted projects throughout the North West and beyond

Stephen Riley: travelling freelance photographer

Spring 2013: photoshoot in Liverpool

Photos of the mighty maritime city by Stephen Riley

May 2013: The Whit Walks

Editorial Photography - street events - by Stephen Riley

May 2013: The launch of the Hazel

Editorial Photography by Stephen Riley

April 2013: my photos like those of Dorothy Bohm?!!

Connection made between the style of the work of the great 20th century photographer and that of Stephen Riley

April 2013: News from the canals of northern England

Stephen Riley is photographer for the Wooden Canal Boat Society

April 2013: various items of unfolding news...

Latest stories from Stephen Riley Photography

July 2012: I have moved!!

Stephen Riley Photography moves to Stalybridge in Tameside in Greater Manchester

June 2012: Holiday Inn Hotel, Winchester.

Hotel interior shots by Stephen Riley Photography

June 2012: Photoshoot in multi-million pound Sanbanks Home

Interior and Exterior Architectural Photography by Stephen Riley

April 2012: Images used by City College Southampton in publicity material.

Stephen Riley's photographs included in publicity material for college banners, brochures, flyers etc

Spring 2012: Images and article at North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood

Photojournalism by Stephen Riley at the historic Lancashire Hotel

March 2012: Photoshoot of northern soul fans

Portraits of Northern Soul fans

Autumn 2011: Images published by Soanyway Magazine (online)

Stephen Riley's photos selected for the conceptual art and photography online magazine Soanyway

Autumn 2011: Lomo Photography Exhibition

Collaborative photography project in Hampshire's busiest city

28 July 2011: Wrote the following review which was first published on this date in AN Magazine's 'Interface' section:

Jane and Louise Wilson - Nature Abhors a Vacuum, Hansard Gallery, Southampton. 16 July - 10 September 2011
A review by Dr Stephen Riley

17 July 2011 What happened to the colour purple?

Taking part in a group photography collaboration based on Lomo photography or 'Lomography'

June 2011 - Taking part in the exhibition 'Belonging'

I am contributing to a photography exhibition in Southampton